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Strong fighters rely on the healthy body foundation. From the traditional medicine, human’s sole (foot) consists of Triple Yin Yang. When the Triple Yin Yang take medicines from your body, bloodstreams and
The product will stimulate the Subcutaneous cells activation and absorb the herb extract via the skin that will be sent through whole body. The toxin which traps in your body will be excreted via skin by the herb medicine. Free radicals which are dangerous from your body will bind with the ion from the foot patch and be excreted from the body. With 2 steps of these processes will efficiently clean the toxin out, and that will make we more healthy. The product helps you:
1. Clean the toxin out, clean your body, lose weight by detox and dispose the fat, increase calories burning system and support immune system.  
2. Sleep better, reduce the fatigue, maintain the excretory system, alleviate the halitosis and flatulence, and tighten your body.
3. Clean the excretion out, smoothen the color of birthmarks, cure the acne, and alleviate the body odor and foot odor.
4. Maintain the body moisture balance and reduce the pressure at the ankle and sole that will quickly alleviate the pain from infraction.
5. Stimulate the skin cells to be healthy again.
6. Balance the body organ system, lower blood pressure, blood sugar level and blood fat level.
**Pasting the product on the important area on sole will maintain the body moisture balance, make you relieve from stress and fatigue, fix the sleep problem, fix the skin problem, and make your health better.


How to Use

How to use

- Clean your feet.
- Put the foot patch on the center of the sole or the area that you want (put the side that hasn’t a logo contact your sole).
- Peel the sticker off, and use that to paste on the foot patch to ensure the foot patch is close to the sole or the area that you want (you can wear the sock or paste plaster after paste the sticker).
- You can use foot patch on other area that you want such as your shoulder, neck, arm, leg or ankle.
- After waking up, peel the sticker and the foot patch off



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