Thank you very much Taiwan media news

Thank you very much to television media, News FTV, Formosa TV channel of Taiwan that published the news on October26th, 2015, about cosmetic products which are popular and hot in Thailand, and Taiwan people welcome and accept as well.

Cosmetics products of VOODOO that Taiwan, Hong Kong and China often referred to as VOODOO Snake Venom Cream, are quality products from Thailand, and are very interested and to be able to compete and get market share of cosmetics in Taiwan, now.

This is very pride for us that our small brand, product of Thailand, has been mentioned.

Thank you to our customers in Taiwan for sending news to Voodoo Team. This is an impetus and encouragement for us to develop the next step to provide maximum satisfaction to VOODOO’s customers in countries around the world.

VOODOO would like to thank you to all of customers and quality agents, a part of this success with us.

We promise to strive to develop, fine, create and select products made from valuable and quality extracts in legends that are able to be proven scientifically to offer to all of you unceasingly, in order to all of people in both men and women fill a beauty, smart and charming as magic.

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