VOODOO, the combining Art of beauty and scientific prove. From the beauty of legend has to be told in the several generations.  From the belief, it becomes to the modern science. The evolution is more than a thousand years, it can warrant to the qualify of herb in the natural and the production of natural ingredients too. Moreover, the various processes are created for making the beauty of women.

Women would be young and beautiful by natural.

Therefore, ideas to the work about the creative cosmetics under the name VOODOO, we create the ingredients, which is the legends from all over the world that matters can be confirmed by the scientific and they are extracted to be to VOODOO, the makeup of magic.


The power of dreams and the different of visions are pushed our team to create cosmetic under the brand VOODOO.
It made of the legend ingredients from worldwide but they are accepted from the scientific. We brought them to extract to be the cosmetic of mantra under the brand VOODOO.

Furthermore, we are hopeful that you glad to go to the goal for gaining the great triumph. It is similar to flower blossoms to get the sunshine. You just walk with us in the same way, everlastingly.

We would like to congratulate and thank you that you are a part of our successful. We hope and wish that you will flourish forever.


VOODOO do not create the brand for responding our need. We have obviously the goal to create the brand for customers around the world. We have never stopped our developing in every step.

Even Product designs that design by Thai creators, Research & Development, and Thai labors, all of them are the part of our company. We hope that everybody who works with us is so proudly to create the artistic to an international market.

We are designing brand that fully of the art of beauty.
It is an inspiration of artistic in cosmetic. The ultimate goal of voodoo is push Voodoo to an international brand. Everyone has to accept in VOODOO. It does not so scare anymore. Voodoo will be known about the beauty of magic. That is enough for us. We are proudly in VOODOO.

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